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On The Phone With Dr. Bruce Roseman Author The AddictoCarb Diet
There’s a reason diets don’t work. Science has shown that a class of carbohydrates, called “Addictocarbs,” light up the brain’s pleasure centers and make it almost impossible to moderate eating.
If you’re struggling to lose weight, counting calories and shrinking portions are not the answer. The answer lies in how your brain reacts when you eat certain foods—foods that directly stimulate the addiction center of the brain, causing irresistible cravings.
Ashley Wilke Visits Bites Asian Tapas At 3313 North Clark Street

Top notch original Asian restaurant in Chicago. But after just a few short months, two young and beautiful Thai women, Marita Tantivirasut and Asana Nakornchai, have shown that they have the culinary acumen and business savvy to capture the hearts of Chicago's food lovers. Bites Asian Tapas, located at 3313 N. Clark St. in Chicago's Lake View neighborhood (telephone 773-270-5972,, is an Asian Fusion small-plates haven that is receiving stellar reviews on social media.

Chicago’s Oldest Italian Restaurant Celebrates 85th Years

The Italian Village located at 71 West Monroe is more than just another Chicago restaurant , it's become part of Chicago's history servering the finest in authentic Italian dishes on the same street for 85 years. Throughout those years, such people as Frank Sinatra, Rodney Dangerfiled, Florence Henderson, Barbra Streisand, Pavarotti all came to the Italian Village to celebrate and enjoy fine Italian cuisine.

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