On The Phone With Paul Francis is the CEO and Founder of OYO Fitness

People ask Paul, “How did you get your invention into NASA and on the Space Station?” Here’s his story:
I was in the coffee shop below my office reading an article about astronauts losing bone density and muscle during long duration space flights in zero gravity. Studies showed the best countermeasure on earth was training with weights, which of course don’t work in space.  I believed my SpiraFlex technology under development would provide the same benefits as weights, without the need for gravity, and contacted the Chief Medical Officer at NASA, who invited me to give my first presentation at Johnson Space Center.
After two years of development and testing, my team delivered the first resistive exercise device in space, and so far over 50 crewmembers on the International Space Station have kept in shape using patented SpiraFlex resistive exercise technology.  In a NASA commissioned study, SpiraFlex was proven to build just as much lean muscle as weights.  This means you can now enjoy the same benefits as weights — without the weight!  My team also had some fun, like experiencing explosive decompression in NASA’s hyperbaric chamber during training for a zero-G flight.
After the successes of SpiraFlex powering both NASA’s first strength training device, and one of the best and highest selling home gyms, the Bowflex Revolution, I founded OYO Fitness to expand the technology into a full line of products and price points. I named OYO’s first product the DOUBLEFLEX because it’s the only device that provides both abduction and adduction resistance during a single exercise motion, creating a balanced body in just about half the time. Our patented DOUBLEFLEX total body gym folds up and fits in a small bag, so you can workout anytime, anywhere.
Studies show resistance training can be a “fountain of youth”, as it builds bone and muscle, burns fat and makes you feel better, look younger and live longer. The OYO team strives to create innovative products you can get fit with On Your Own — and help you meet and beat life’s challenges.

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