On The Phone With Lisa Jacobson Inventor Of The Migraine Hat

Lisa Jacobson is the founder of The Daily Migraine and inventor of The Migraine Hat (www.TheDailyMigraine/MigraineHat). She has suffered over 9,000 migraines and has become an advocate for those sufferers.  Today, there are 37 million migraine sufferers in the U.S. alone. Migraine sufferers suffer 12 months a year. 
Tips to reduce your migraines include:
·         Create a Migraine Emergency Kit
·         Track and track some more
·         Have a three-level treatment approach for your meds: preventative, abortive and rescue
·         How to not get turned away in the ER
·         Give all the puzzle pieces to your doctor
·         Protect yourself from outside judgements and stress
·         Practice self-care
·         Don’t let your meds become the latest cause of daily migraines
·         Join a migraine support group

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