On The Phone With International Photographer Brooke Mason

Winner of ART SLANT New York's 2015 International Photography Award for her fine art work 'Vanquish,' celebrity photographer and fine art director, Brooke Mason has become the most sought after name in the industry after capturing some of Hollywood's biggest names and shooting fashion editorials for magazines such as Angeleno, Marie Claire and Glamour. Brooke has continued taking her career to the next level by curating fine arts for galleries and creative directing photography shows to her resume and has recently presented her gallery work in partnership with Woman's Manifest, an empowerment group creating purpose 
driven statements through photography.
Growing up in Sydney, Australia Brooke has always been inspired by the arts. Discovered at 15 by a modeling agent, she began securing catalog campaigns and doing local theatre throughout high school. Drawn to the female body, she began shooting nude models and spent much of her teens developing film in the darkroom and creating super imposed abstract photos with her subjects of naked bodies in urban environments. 
Following her college graduation, she was accepted into the acting program of the Neighborhood Theatre in NYC and moved to the US to expand her arts training. While balancing a full time modeling career shooting in exotic locales such as Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong, she began the audition circuit in New York as an actress and quickly booked commercials for brands such as Samsung, Sharp and Minolta. But for Brooke, it was turning her childhood hobby into a thriving career that ultimately has brought her the most joy and notoriety, as she claims her experience on both sides of the camera giving her a unique understanding of the feelings behind a photo. 
In pursuing this dream of becoming a top photographer, Brooke moved to L.A. as an actress to pay her bills, but quickly became a favorite amongst Hollywood talent, shooting a wide array of stars that range from "House of Cards" Joanna Going and "Vanderpump Rules'" Katie Maloney to New York Times Best Seller and Founder of Geek and Sundry's Felicia Day and "Dancing with the Stars'" fan favorite Witney Carson to name a few. 
Following in the footsteps of her mentor, art critic and curator Peter Frank, Brooke continues to draw inspiration from LA's diverse culture and vast natural landscape to create her vision for her photography while finding inspiration for her next exhibits. 
With Brooke's work found in various magazines, she's taken the next steps towards expressing her art-form through her gallery presentations, having created provocative intellectual work for five shows and was reviewed by Art Week Los Angeles as the 'Pick of the Week' for her debut opening of "La Haute Main" at Bergamont Station in May of 2015. Along with this growing resume in the fine arts industry, there doesn't seem to be an end in sight for this award-winning artist. 
Brooke Mason Photography: www.brookemasonphotography.com

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