On The Phone With Big Rich Texas Star Dr. Bonnie Blossman


Big Rich Texas Big hair, big attitudes and big drama all come together in season 3 of the Style Network’s hit reality TV series “Big Rich Texas,” a show that chronicles the competitive and privileged lives of mother-daughter duos as they cement a place for themselves in Dallas' high society. PHD, author, CEO, professor, mother and fan favorites, Dr. Bonnie Blossman and her sassy 24 year old daughter Whitney Whatley whose charismatic personalities and irresistible southern charm are the reasons viewers are tuning in every Sunday on the Style Network at 8/7PM.

From grand Texas estates to an exclusive country club, "Big Rich Texas" is universally relatable no matter what club you belong to and serves up tons of shopping, cocktails and indulgence each week. With her blonde hair and signature style, you wouldn’t think “PhD” at first glance, but think again, for this southern belle has over 16 years of college level teaching experience from The University of Texas at Arlington, and currently teaches courses in Biology, Biochemistry, Parasitology, Gene Expression, Anatomy & Physiology and Contemporary Biology, and is continuing her education with a two-year post doctoral fellowship in a developmental cardiovascular research program in a National Science Foundation funded laboratory. With several successful books published, an official party-hosting handbook underway, this accomplished Texan’s hard not to fall in love with.

Dr. Bon founded the internationally acclaimed company, “My Mystery Party” in 2006 and provides highly unique murder mystery party games for party hosts and guests, and is the number one choice for all party hosts including Ivy leaguers, professional athletes and Hollywood celebrities. Serving as the business’ webmaster, author, and marketing and advertising manager, Dr. Bon drove the company to quickly grow as recognizable all over the world, turning Dr. Bon into the world’s leading murder mystery game author.

In her rare spare time, Dr. Bon enjoys playing bass guitar and working on her upcoming educational science tutoring video series set to be released next year.

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Season 3 Premiere: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBi5UtlwSfo