On The Phone With Author Vicki Reece The Joy of Mom

There is so much soul, grace, and love in every thing parents do for their children and now there is a book that captures those heartfelt feelings in all stages of parenthood with short quotes and touching photos in The Joy of Mom: Celebrating a Mother's Love. 
Using a handful of her favorite inspirational quotes, song lyrics, and poems including renowned authors E.E Cummings and Victor Hugo along with spiritual leaders such as Mother Teresa and the Dalai Lama, with up to 17 million weekly reach, VICKI REECE has been collecting, curating, and crafting these moving words to share with families through the triumphs, trials and tribulations that parents face while raising children. 
The Joy of Mom: Celebrating a Mother's Love is available for pre-order on AMAZON.COM (http://www.amazon.com/Joy-Mom-Celebrating-Mothers-Love/dp/1608104753) and nationwide on Mother's day at your local Barnes & Noble bookstore.
With her magnetic mommy blog, JOYOFMOM.COM,  Vicki has created a ground-breaking resource and one-stop 'shop' for mothers of all ages, chock full of inspirational, educational, humorous, lighthearted and instructional tid-bits, articles, videos, visuals and quotes on the joys of motherhood, health, decorating, parenting, recipes, crafts, family activities, wellness, style/clothing, that's designed for moms who want to laugh, learn, love and live life to the fullest through "me and you" insight and what to expect from newborn to graduation. 
A site trusted by millions of moms and dads, JOYOFMOM.COMalso takes advantage of their social medium through daily updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  
Vicki Reece, mother of three and Chicago native, is no stranger to the world of parenting and children.  She made headline news across the country as a pioneer in the children's toy world, when she created and launched the first ever interactive music, dance/exercise video for kiddos, computer software geared toward children to inspire and empower them - and took a stand against not using violence although many retailers asked her to.  
During an era where violence ruled Saturday mornings with the Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles, Vicki felt the void of positive and uplifting messaging geared towards youth.  With no expertise or training in the software industry she used her life savings and created video and interactive CDs to create products that were an overnight sensation including Jack's House computer software and Kids Count Workout video, among others.
 Using "word of mom" as fuel to her retail venture, she took on some of the titanic retailers including Sears, Discovery Toys and Wal-Mart,selling out by the millions nationwide and putting her above her veteran competitors.   
The Joy of Mom: Celebrating a Mother's Love will be available nationwide at Barnes & Noble on Mother's Day and is available now for pre-sale on Amazon.com:

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