Life Is Change by Vicky Von Vivia

As I’m sure you are completely aware of- life is only granted to us once. There is not reincarnation, no next life, no previous life of any sort. There is this and whatever type of Heaven you believe in. Many people, myself included, are afraid to experience and try new things. Why? Well part of the reason is that trying new things is different. If any of you have seen the recent Big Bang episode where Penny and Leonard talk about moving in together, you will see how traumatic change can be. So therefore, some might argue that trying new things leads to changes, which leads to life apart from the norm. But in all reality what is so wrong about that? Change is something we all must go through- on a daily basis. Not all of it may be so obvious, however it is all around us. Another typical reason to be frightened to try new things is the realization of life, and how important and fragile it can be. So while people might dream about doing wild and crazy things, it is imperative to do such things safely. Because while some might dare to do the insane, that’s all good and great until their adrenaline rush pushes them to do something life threatening. So yes, life is a once in a lifetime chance- literally. However that does not mean to waste such a precious thing on something juvenile. So cherish life, in a fun way.