Karin Krah Presenter/Host, Reporter and Filmmaker

Karin started to work in the media at a local TV station in 2009 where she worked as a presenter and reporter. She covered large major events in Arnhem, spoke regularly with the mayor, Dutch celebrities, artists and politicians. She was responsible for hosting the yearly fashion event Night of the Fashion; 2010 until 2013 . The last one was her own production.
Karin also hosted her own TV program that launched in 2010, called "Arnhem speaks", where she discussed political, social and cultural topics with the residents of Arnhem. In each episode there was always an interview included with people who were relevant to the subject or were somehow involved. She was responsible for the subject, the right people to interview, location and music.
Karin's love for music is strong and she was the international manager of the Italian accordionist and componist, Marco Lo Russo, from 2010 till 2012. In December 2011 she directed her first short film in Italy about the accordion player and finished it in March 2012. You can see this short at her Youtube channel.
On March 28th 2013 Karin covered the "538 War Child Arnhem Day" , you can see this report on her website and Youtube.
While she has many passions (fashion is a big one), she always falls back to her roots and feels the most at home in front of the camera or standing on stage. She takes herself and her work seriously, but always makes sure things stay light hearted. Karin loves entertainment.
She presented Smaakvol Gelderland 2013, the cooking competions: Foodlovers and GenietCulitop.   You can see the pictures  of the competitions on her page of Facebook (www.Facebook.com/officialkk). She made a music video for a jewelry designer from Los Angeles in August 2014 and she produced and directed a fashion shoot in Rome in December 2014, you can see the pictures on her Facebook page.  
She did an interview with an American fashion designer from Florida about the Ready-to-Wear collection 2015 in March 2015.
Ambition, perseverance and creativity are Karin's top features. For her, giving up is never an option and she lives by the rule that nothing is impossible if you follow your heart and go for what you believe in.  She covers news, fashion, music, dance, art, lifestyle and politics for TV and big fashion events (fashion weeks) worldwide.
Karin, is available Internationally, both in the U.S., and Europe, as a presenter/host, reporter and filmmaker. 

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