Identity Theft And How To Stop It!

There's several ways identity theft happens, but you can prevent it. You don't need to pay a monthly service that notifies you when someone is using your name, phone number, social security number, drivers license, bank account, etc., all you need is stop giving your personal information out to strangers.

Two reasons you do it, laziness and greed. People pay bills online, regardless of what security system the company is telling you they are using, because it takes effort to place a stamp on the self addressed envelop the company sent you.

Your greed for a discount is the reason you give out your personal information to strangers. You give Walgreens your personal information and in return they tell you points will be added to your card for a savings. What is that savings? No one at Walgreens can tell you, so don't give up your information. Tell Walgreens to sell their foreign made products at the best prices with the best customer service.

Returning To Walgreens

At Walgreens, if you want to return a product, you need to be eighteen or older with a valid ID. They will still sell kids just about anything in the store, but if it needs to be returned, someone, even a complete stranger can return it as long as the stranger is 18 years old with a valid ID, and of course the product and receipt.

Giving Out Your Drivers License Number

An unopened product with the sales receipt is not what Best Buy wants. They want your ID, and if you give them your drivers license, the clerk enters your number into the computer. You have to give up your drivers license number because Best Buy wants it or you can keep the product.

You Expected Good Business

Stores use to compete for your business by selling the best products available at the best prices with great customer service. Now they have machines you can check yourself out on if you don't want to wait in line while customers dig through their wallets or purses searching for their discount card.

If you choose to check yourself out, what do you get for doing your own checking and bagging? Nothing, but the store benefits because they don't need to pay more clerks. You deserve a discount for the work you are doing because the stores certainly aren't passing it on by lowering the prices.

Credit Cards

You can either mail a credit card application into the company or fill out the application online. Do it online and you just gave out your social security number.

When it comes to keeping things secure on the companies end, they do a very good job at it. You won't recieve a credit card through your computer, although possible, they mail it. Mail is the best secured way of sending information, but laziness is driving the Post Office out of business and a private company will then be handling your personal information.

Doing Business With A Financial Institution

You will be receiving everything in the mail.


People who don't want to be a victim of identity theft, won't give out information just because it was asked for. Remember the saying, “Don't Talk To Strangers”? You can still talk to the clerk, but just remember don't give out information.

Next time a store clerk asks for personal information, tell them no, and let them know you are fighting identity theft, and don't fall for the, “Your information won't be shared with anyone, and you get discounts”. Your savings are not worth loosing your identity to a theif.