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On The Phone With Lisa Jacobson Inventor Of The Migraine Hat
Lisa Jacobson is the founder of The Daily Migraine and inventor of The Migraine Hat (www.TheDailyMigraine/MigraineHat). She has suffered over 9,000 migraines and has become an advocate for those sufferers.  Today, there are 37 million migraine sufferers in the U.S. alone. Migraine sufferers suffer 12 months a year. 
Tips to reduce your migraines include:
·         Create a Migraine Emergency Kit
·         Track and track some more
On The Phone With Paul Francis is the CEO and Founder of OYO Fitness
People ask Paul, “How did you get your invention into NASA and on the Space Station?” Here’s his story:
On The Phone With Marcia Deutsch is CEO and Co-Founder of YO Sperm Test
YO™ Home Sperm Test Brings Male Fertility Testing to Smartphones challenges outdated home fertility testing with smartphone video technology to accurately determine moving sperm (“motile sperm concentration” a key to male fertility) from the comfort of your phone.
Michael On The Phone With Kevin Gwin Executive Director

Michael On The Phone With Kevin Gwin Executive Director of

Bruno Gatinet talks with Geert Vons, General Director of Sea Shepherd NL
Bruno Gatinet, European Correspondent for Chicago3Media, talks with Geert Vons, General Director of Sea Shepherd Netherlands, about the latest addition to the fleet named the Ocean Warrior. 
On The Phone With Doctor Peter Sacco What's Your Anger Type
In a thoughtful new book, renowned author and psychologist Peter Sacco takes a good, hard look at anger and the reasons it might be disrupting our lives, and future generations. In What's Your Anger Type? Revised Edition, he asks, can anger be addictive?
On The Phone With Anxiety Expert, Dr. Reid Wilson
Stopping the Noise in Your Head: The New Way to Overcome Anxiety & Worry Reid Wilson, Ph.D.
Stopping the Noise in Your Head: The New Way to Overcome Anxiety & Worry (HCI Books $16.95), Reid Wilson, PhD, addresses how worry can be an important asset when it forces our attention on problem-solving. But anxious worrying can cause us to unnecessarily focus on threat, to retreat and avoid, and to seek reassurance and safety—which is no way to foster a life of growth and excitement.
On The Phone With Robin Behar For The WISP
When he designed a device to clear debris from the golf green, competitive scratch golfer Eben Dobson had no idea it would  also end up in homes. But you know you’re onto something when people keep “borrowing” your invention and taking it home. It wasn’t hard to understand why: the WISP®’s innovative, electrostatic polymer bristles are amazingly effective at capturing dirt, pet fur, lint and other debris to clean floors, carpets, upholstery and outdoor surfaces like no other tool on the market. 
Forest Preserves of Cook County Centennial Public Tree Hug 2015

Participants gathered at Caldwell Woods on Chicago’s northwest side, to conclude “100 Years/100Events.” The week-long, County-wide celebration attracted nearly 10,000 residents who attended more than 100 activities in honor of the 100th anniversary of the founding of Forest Preserves of Cook County.

The Forest Preserves of Cook County is one of the nation’s oldest and largest forest preserve system.


Liset Ramirez Red Carpet for WINNING The Racing Life of Paul Newman
Liset Ramirez, L.A. based entertainment reporter attended the Red Carpet for a Charity Screening for the movie,  WINNING: The Racing Life of Paul Newman, which premiered April 16th, 2015, at El Capitan Theatre, 6838 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, bringing the latest from L.A., to  


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